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During the past few months, when everything was "made from home," we discover a new form of communication through some platforms. And almost everyone was happy.

Today, all of us are tired of that kind of meeting. Apps like Zoom or BlueJeans were the first solution, but not the best. It works until someone lets the mic open, and you hear everything. Or you can't listen because the internet connection is too bad. Or you can't see the slides because the screen is freeze. Of course, you remember very well one of those meetings.

Actually, with the new normal, all the venues have restrictive rules about occupancy. The elderly or people with pre existences are called to avoid crowds or unnecessary risks. And it is still imperative to have good communication with your clients, customers, donors, even with your beloved ones when they are far from you.


WeStream is here to avoid all those disasters during your meetings or video conferences. Streaming-live to almost everyone and any place in the world virtually.  

We stream live all kinds of events, using the appropriate technology, great image, and sound. Also, we add graphics, titles, slideshow, pre-loaded videos, music, and integrating zoom to your event.

WeStream makes stressless your virtual meeting, conference, webinar, wedding, graduation, or whatever you want to share over Facebook live, YouTube live, your website, etc.

Distance is not anymore an obstacle.